Leaving My Mark

Leaving My Mark

One day as I was walking to school earlier this semester, unbeknownst to me, the sidewalk in front of my house had recientely been repaired with wet cement. I was walking along normally when my shoe sunk into the ground and afterwards, I saw this footprint in the sidewalk. I immediately got excited about the thought that my footprint would be forever imprinted in the sidewalk in front of my homestay house… I had left my mark in Mexico (literally)!

I think it’s really important that wherever you go in the world, you leave your mark. This is something I want to try to do. When I visit places or meet people, I want to leave knowing I made a difference or affected the life of someone else in a positive way. Thinking back on the semester, I’ve formed so many relationships with people here, and they’ve definitely left their mark with me.

Tomorrow is my last day in Mexico. I’m almost packed and ready to go home. It’s definitely a bitter-sweet time. I’m ready to escape the heat and see my loved ones in Iowa, but it’s not going to be easy to say goodbye. Someday I’ll come back to Merida, and when I do, I’ll visit again the people and places where I left my mark.


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