Beautiful Mexico

This post is dedicated to the beauty of Mexico.

Mexico is an incredibly diverse country and I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many different places!  I love nature, so here are the coolest nature pics I’ve taken over the course of the semester.

DSCN1340flamingos at Celestun:  gotta love these beautifully awkward (or awkwardly beautiful?) animals.

DSCN1262crocodile, Celestun

DSCN1394I’m not sure what kind of bird this is, but it’s cool!


sea horse! one of my favorite animals.  Isla Mujeres

DSCN2474The beautiful caribbean never ceases to amaze me.  Isla Mujeres

RSCN2258just an exotic Mexican butterfly, Isla Mujeres

RSCN2546Adorable sea turtle, Isla Mujeres

543732_10151595430757640_1246066508_nHolwer monkey! These things sound like dinosaurs.  Picture credit goes to Rachel Lindhart… mine weren’t as clear.  Chiapas

DSCN2814charming little waterfall, Palenque, Chiapas

DSCN2972If you look closely, there’s a baby parrot on that branch! Chiapas

DSCN3019Bigger waterfall! Chiapas

RSCN3465And another Mexican butterfly because butterflies are one of my favorite things ever! Chiapas

DSCN1167These flowers are EVERYWHERE and they never get old.  Merida


DSCN2246Bright colors everywhere! Isla Mujeres

DSCN1709more pretty flowers, Tinum



DSCN1710And.. pretty flowers! Tinum

DSCN2072This little critter is a white nosed coati!  Tulum

DSCN3163Sunrise, Kaxil Kiuic

DSCN3276Sunset, Kaxil Kiuic

FSCN3450 FSCN3456FSCN3461FSCN3462These beautiful birds are one of my new favorite animals! They’re called motmots, Kaxil Kiuic



DSCN3246       FSCN3457I can’t remember what this little birdy is called, but he was very cooperative in posing, Kaxil Kiuic

DSCN3375I don’ t know the name of this one either but he’s precious! Kaxil Kiuic



FSCN3459The prettiest dragonfly I’ve ever seen! Kaxil Kiuic

FSCN3460  Boa Constrictor! eeeek! Kaxil Kiuic

RSCN3147A very yellow butterfly, Kaxil Kiuic

RSCN3447 RSCN3449And another exotic butterfly! Kaxil Kiuic

382983_10151917602598712_1784046349_nThis is an armadillo! Kaxil Kiuic, photo credit:  Liz Daniels

528209_10151917602408712_2072299299_nScoripion! Kaxil Kiuic, photo credit:  Liz Daniels

532154_10200896565127267_1936278427_n 541682_10200896564047240_564011675_nOne of my biggest regrets of the semester is that I didn’t see this Tucan.  photo credit: Jordan Wachter


So… now that I’ve bombarded you with a million pictures, I hope you have a sense of how beautiful the nature here in Mexico is.  Pictures can’t do it justice.

Hasta Luego




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