The Beginning of an Adventure


So far, the start of my study abroad adventure has been a great experience.  I arrived in Merida, Mexico two days ago, and I am definitely loving it, especially the warm weather.

The first night was really intimidating.  Theresa and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, and though we were trying to speak and comprehend the language, they replaced our Spanish menus with English ones, and the entire time I felt like I was making a fool of myself.  Since then, I have had many similar experiences.  Despite my 5 years of Spanish studies, everytime I attempted to talk to a local, I ended up flustered at my lack of ability to communicate.  It definitely was a blow to my confidence.

However, today I think I took my first step forward.  I was actually able to talk to and hold a conversation with a local!  It was the most exciting thing that’s happened so far, and although it was definitely a bit of a struggle and awkward at times, I left feeling so much more confident.  We talked for probably about 15 minutes, and he was one of the nicest men I’ve ever met.  Anyway, I definitely have a long way to go before I am a good Spanish speaker, but I think I am on my way.  Until then, I’m just taking it one step at a time.

DSCN1163crop DSCN1166 DSCN1167


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